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By way of definition, working in the Motocross Industry is all about providing specified services to your race team which hopefully culminates with a successful race outcome. Motocross is simply the physical act of riding a specially designed motorcycle on a closed course which consists of various terrains that lead uphill and downhill with a myriad of corners and jumps specifically designed in between and throughout.

Race times and laps vary depending on the club, or level that your rider and team are competing at. Experts and professionals typically have longer races than novices, and may have one race or more depending on their club and competition level.

The locations for each Motocross event are strewn across the United States where the tracks are either privately owned or belong to a club. These tracks are maintained in accordance to the guidelines set by the local governing body, or their local racing organization or club. Each motocross track has a different layout which adds to the reasons why it is such a great spectator sport.




Motocross 101

Unlike any other Sport in the World

Motocross racing is one of the few spectator sports that actually combines thrills, excitement, color, speed, strategy and endurance usually in a beautiful outdoor setting. It is non stop action that rarely disappoints in highflying jumps, thrills and spills which ultimately leads to only 1 winner besting his competitors. It is a battle of attrition that only the fittest and most talented can endure.


In point, Motocross riders are tremendously conditioned athletes, as noted by a recent study conducted by the National Athletic Health Institute in California which detailed the amazing fitness and endurance that each racer must maintain to be successful in this highly competitive sport. The results of a series of fitness tests for 9 Motocross professional racers showed conclusively that these riders were the most physically fit athletes ever tested by the Institute.


However, while motocross truly tests athletes physical stamina and endurance, it also provides something that other sports cannot fulfill via pure exhilaration as they push their bike to its limits.


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